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Meth Lab Cleanup Company was incorporated in 2003 uniting clandestine drug lab speicialist from across the United States to provide cost effective solutions to illegal drug lab production issues with an eye fixed on the true concerns of risk management and project budgets. We work closely with regulators to maintain compliance, while using our wide ranging experience to find the most time and cost effective solutions.

The purpose for performing prelimiany site assessments, including testing, is to identify and evaluate the current site conditions. Failure to identify recognized environmental conditions before a property is purchased may result in liability for the new owners and lenders and can cause a reduction in collateral value of the real estate.

You can breathe easy with Florida Meth Lab Cleanup Company services. At Florida Meth Lab Cleanup Company we guarantee our services to include:

Clandestine Drug Lab Preliminary Assessments/Testing
Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation
Legally Defensible, Comprehensive Documentation
Mold Mitigation
BioRecovery Services
Gross Filth Cleanup
Expert Witness Testimony
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Florida Meth Lab Cleanup Company

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