Visit Florida's Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
The Florida Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (Florida DEC) is comprised of organizations and individuals concerned about children endangered by parents who manufacture drugs, deal drugs or use them and, when doing so, psychologically and/or physically endanger children.
Visit Florida's Violent Crime and Narcotic Task Force
The Violent Crimes/Narcotics Task Force (VCNTF) is a North Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NFHIDTA) initiative that targets violent offenders who have
ties to illegal narcotics activities. It is
staffed by various local, state and
federal agencies.
İMeth Lab Cleanup Company 2014

Florida Meth Lab Cleanup Company

Visit Drug Enforcment Agency's Clandestine Drug Lab Listing
Visit Florida's Property Disclosure Law
Real estate agents must disclose all known facts that materially affect the value of residential real property and are not readily observable.
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